Experience Italy In A Bottle: Bottega Veneta’s Parco Palladiano

Bottega Veneta Paro Palladiano

After two years of hard work driven by the exhilarating scents of an Italian garden, Bottega Veneta has released the Parco Palladiano, a collection of six different unisex fragrances. The inspiration for this collection came to Bottega Veneta creative director, Tomas Maier when he was in Italy, specifically Palladio.

He was drawn in by the remarkable condition of Palladian gardens and their intoxicating scents. He decided to invite three of his favourite perfumers – Michel Almairac, Daniela Andrier and Alexis Dadier – to see what they could create out of this beauty. The result? A collection that has managed to capture the essence of an Italian garden in bloom. Both Michel and Daniela have worked with Bottega Veneta in the past. For Alexis though, this was an exciting introduction to behind the curtains of the brand.

The fragrances were not named individually. Instead, they were labelled with roman numerals I-VI.

Bottega Veneta Paro PalladianoTo the nose, the unique scent includes: the soft floral notes of magnolia, cypress leaves and the spice of pink pepper, sun-ripened pear, a blend of azalea flowers and chestnut, aromatic herbs- laurel, rosemary and sage, and the delicate but stirring scent of rose. They were designed to carry all the scents surrounding the Veneto region of Italy, especially from the gardens of the famed Palladian villas.

These scents will be sold exclusively in Bottega Veneta boutiques at the price of £190 (approx. $296) per 100ml bottle.

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Jennifer Okafor

Staff Writer