Romain-Jerome announces new Batman-themed watch

Romain-Jerome, legendary watchmaker has revealed a new Batman-themed watch that is based on Romain-Jerome’s Skylab design.

The watch has a meticulous reproduction of a map of Gotham City that is cut into the rear sapphire glass; it also features a glowing Bat Signal that lights up in the dark and/or in times of danger.

Only 75 pieces of the watch are available at a unit cost of $19,500. The maker has other Batman themed watches including the DNA, a denser, more Dark-Knight-style timepiece.

This is not the first ambitious watch project to be undertaken byRomain-Jerome which is widely known for high-end watches with a pop culture slant.

Earlier this year, it launched a Pokemon watch, it has also made Mario watches, while also melding a certain Swiss aesthetic with cute cartoons.

Paul Adepoju

Staff Writer