The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Marrakech Introduces Aromatherapy

The uniquely designed head-to-toe Aromatherapy Signature Treatment at Le Spa at Four Seasons Resort Marrakech is aimed at relaxing the body and mind, creating a feeling of total well-being.

This signature treatment features aromatic herbs that grow in the Resort’s organic garden, such as rosemary, mint, lavender and verbena, chosen for their specific properties and their healing qualities, to rejuvenate, harmonize or relax the body and mind.

This treatment begins with a welcome ritual that offers a foot scrub with sea salts and an orange flower bath enriched with essential oils. It is followed by a foot massage putting pressure on the nerve endings, thereby relieving the stress of a workday and relaxing tired limbs.

The body massage incorporates traditional ancient Asian techniques, shiatsu and acupuncture from Thailand and Indonesia, deep flowing massage movements, gentle stretching, acupressure points and meridian line balancing.

Renowned for their powerful benefits, inhalations of essential oils throughout the massage provide the senses awakening, relaxation and contribute to energy balance.

The treatment ends with a head massage and a facial massage using organic argan oil. Deep gestures release facial tension to retrieve vitality and youth.



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