About Us

Legatto Lifestyle is a dynamic luxury print & digital publication premiering the most exclusive content trendsetting in the luxury universe. We are a curated destination for the culturally curious, a pedestal for the modern connoisseur, a point of reference for leaders in fashion and style, and a creative force devoted to discovering, innovating and showcasing excellence at its finest point, and in collaboration with exceptional artisans, capturing the timeless beauty of luxury in its sheer complexity. Be it words or images.

Showcased across print and a multi-digital platform, our content covers a diverse range of themes from fashion to gastronomy and horology to automotive, bringing to you a series of exclusivities in collaboration with our novel partners, boasting some of the most exclusive labels found in the luxury industry. Our content is designed to captivate the hearts of our elite audience with the provision of opulence, stunningly presented using the very latest media technologies.

Firmly established primarily on the digital scene, our online presence covers a wide spectrum of digital technologies available to our elite readership via our website, quarterly digital magazine, Legatto TV and an array of social media channels ensuring you stay tuned in and do not miss a thing.

Throughout the year we are invited to the chicest and exclusive events in the luxury world where we engage with clients and luxury brands alike, building super network relationships to optimise our business collaborations by providing services at the highest level to satisfy the demands of our ultra-high net worth audience, their lifestyles and even their businesses.

Our presence on the luxury scene has propelled the team onto the global stage allowing us to showcase luxury with such rich diversity, stretching our focal point from our London-based offices throughout Europe and Africa, delving into the Middle East and Far-East’s rich extravagant cosmopolis and then after a long flight-haul across the Atlantic, into the lush cities of the Americas. We encourage you to let yourself go and experience the epitome of luxury at its finest. So, join us in our getaways as we explore the elegant, stylish and sophisticated world that so defines luxury.

Your journey into the world of luxury pleasure begins here. Are you ready?


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