If your looking for a luxury gateway this summer then look no further than the conglomeration of all that represents luxury in three letters USA. Here we give you a taster of 5 of the top cities to visit, but I am sure there plenty states worthy of visiting too.

San Francisco, California

This northern California gem initially garnered national attention during the 19th century gold rush. Though the precious metal of the 1850s is long gone from the city’s surroundings, these days San Francisco is a whole different kind of gold mine With the tremendous success of the Silicone Valley, San Francisco’s luxury market is booming, making it the perfect place to go hunting for opulent hotels, world-class wines, and sublime gourmet experiences. Try the St. Regis San Francisco for the city’s best lodging and the trendy Saison for an excellent meal. 

Kauai, Hawaii

The northern most Hawaiian Island, Kauai is the geologically oldest of this famous Pacific island chain and definitely the most luxurious, home to a number of five-star resorts like the Princeville St. Regis or the Ko’a Kea Hotel. However, it’s Kauai’s spectacular natural scenery that is the island’s true draw. Be sure to soak up the sun at Hanalei Beach and hike along Maha’ulepu, Kauai’s last accessible undeveloped coastline. If you’re feeling truly adventurous trek to the magnificent 100ft Hanakapiʻia Falls, situated at the end of 11-mile Kalalau Trai. You’ll traverse through groves of wild orchids and patches of thick jungle forest along rugged Pacific coastline; the trail is just as beautiful as the spectacular end-point.

Broadway Street, New York City

It is virtually impossible to compile a list of the US’s most luxurious destinations without including the infamous New York City. This city is the glitzy playground of some of the country’s richest citizens; it is a vast urban landscape splattered with Michelin stars and dotted by high-fashion big names, a city where many prime apartments are more expensive than most European castles. Remember, New York’s reputation in luxury is as old as it is revered. For the ultimate New York City experience you can’t go wrong with classics like The Plaza Hotel or The Pierre.

Naples, Florida

This city might not be as old as its Italian counterpart but it is certainly just as luxurious. The Gulf Coast equivalent of Santa Barbara, Naples offers visitors beautiful white sand beaches and serene Gulf waters. All in all, if you’re looking for the country’s perfect beach you can’t go wrong with Naples. The city’s ten-mile stretch of beach along the Atlantic has often been voted the best beach in the US.

Aspen, Colorado

Every winter the world’s wealthiest skiers descend onto this unabashedly posh Rocky Mountain town for access to the US’s premier slopes. Aspen is perhaps the pinnacle of American luxury, boasting both world-class shopping, excellent cuisine, and amazing mountain views. If you’re looking for a luxurious place to lodge in between ski runs, you’re best bet is the Little Nell.

This legendary five-star Aspen hotel has wracked up a number of awards and accolades since opening in 1989, including the prestigious Forbes Five-Star Award, the AAA Five Diamond Award, the Wine Spectator Grand Award. The hotel is also on the Conde Nast Gold List. From oxygen rentals to personal car washing services to helicopter skiing and fly-fishing trips, this place is ready to grant your every wish. It is certainly the most opulent way to enjoy the beautiful Aspen.


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