Jim Glickenhaus’s $1.3 Million SCG 003 Race to Geneva 2017

Jim Glickenhaus’s dream of building the SCG 003 – a super car designed to compete with the finest fast speed roadsters in international sports car racing, then transform it into your average cruise car that you can legally drive home, seem far-fetched back in 2013. But now in 2017, just three month away from formally making it’s debut at the Geneva International Motor Show in March in front of thousands of spectators, this highly anticipated supercar while be something to look out for. Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus -the racing team and boutique auto brand founded by the New York–based financier and car collector Jim Glickenhaus, built the SCG 003S – the S standing for ‘Stradale’, and the C for ‘Competizione, was built by the legendary Automobili Torino factory.

The SCG 003S is designed with lightweight carbon fibre chassis with a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V-8 engine that whips up more than 750hp. Reaching  zero to 62 mph in less than 3 seconds and with a top speed greater than 217 mph, giving it aerodynamic prowess and high speeds perfect for the long stretch. According to Glickenhaus, the 003S’s aerodynamic design is its most revolutionary element: Theoretically speaking, it is able to create a downforce so power that the car generates more than 2 gs of lateral force through corners which “put simply, this car can grip where others cannot.”

Vital to the SCG 003’s performance is it’s modular design. Except for the door windows, which are bonded to the A-pillar and flex out at the rear for ventilation, everything on the car bolts together. This Lego-like modular design is the secret to making SCG 003 street-legal. Glickenhaus intends to sell it as a kit car, thus making it exempt from U.S. airbag and crash-test requirements. Titled as a home-built vehicle, it should be legal to register in all 50 states. “We can send a mechanic on a plane to your shop and help you, take three days, and put the thing together,” Glickenhaus said.

For street use, track days, and club racing, that 800-hp twin-turbo V8 should be plenty. But should you wish to, say, drive to Florida and enter your SCG 003CS in the 24 Hours of Daytona, your pit crew can simply swap in the race car’s 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 (Balance-of-Power restricted to around 545 hp) and proper racing seats, and you’ll be ready to swap paint with Corvette C7.Rs and Ford GTs. The 003CS has the same dashboard as the race car, with dials to adjust ABS and suspension and a Bosch Collision Avoidance radar that Glickenhaus calls “something the gentleman driver uses more than the pros.” This highly anticipated powerhouse will sure attract a lot of attention this March and we hope you get a glimpse of the future this Fall.

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