Hublot refashions the 2014 FIFA World Cup referee board

Hublot has taken one of the most utilitarian objects from the football pitch and given it an exciting design overhaul for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Referee boards used by the fourth official on the ground to display the extra time and player’s substitution will be given a new stylish look. From a flat and square design, the Swiss luxury watchmaker has redesigned the board to look similar to the brand’s distinctive watch design.

As per Hublot, the new optimized design has maintained the technical specifications of the old board but boasts of a more ergonomic grip and polished aesthetics to make it not only practical but attractive to look at.

Hublot, who are also the official timekeeper of 2014 FIFA World Cup, had its presence right at the middle of action during the inaugural game between Brazil and Croatia with the new referee board which sports the company’s branding.

Ricardo Guadalupe (CEO of Hublot)

“It is an immense honour and privilege for Hublot to have been given the opportunity to optimise the referee’s board for the 2014TM FIFA World Cup. The joint effort comes as part of a long-term relationship which Hublot has developed with FIFA. It has given rise to an object with an innovative design.”





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