Blancpain Ocean Commitment Exhibition Displayed at Zurich Airport

As part of the roadshow inauguration, Swiss watchmaking giants, Blancpain, welcomed journalists and gusts to raising awareness of its oceanic heritage and the need to protect depleting marine life with an exhibition at Zurich Airport. Coinciding with the launch of its Ocean Commitment II timepiece, the roadshows showcases 3 sections dealing with the themes related to the world of oceanic exploration and its ties to the brand. The first section of the exhibition covers the brand’s historical ties with oceanography; the second examines scientific research findings of expeditions sponsored by the brand. With the third and final section dedicated to underwater photography geared to showcasing the Ocean’s biodiversity and the importance of preserving it.

Showcased at the Zurich Airport Airside Centre, there is optimism that Blancpain’s vision and commitment on behalf of oceans worldwide will lead to new innovations and sponsorship of expeditions to discover new things in our oceans. The Blancpain Ocean Commitment exhibition set to run until February 12 at the Zurich Airport Airside Centre with the potential of attracting over 1.7 million people that pass on a monthly basis.

Blancpain’s Ocean Commitment, the watch

As well the exhibition, the event was also staged to provide guests an opportunity to discover the new Fifty Fathoms Blancpain Ocean Commitment II timepiece. Limited to only 250 pieces, for each one that is sold, Blancpain will donate the sum of 1,000 euros in support of future scientific exhibitions.

Gombessa III, the film

The event will also host a preview of the film Antarctica, Sur Les Traces du Manchot Empereur (which translates to Antarctica, In the Footsteps of the Emperor Penguin) which was shot in an expedition organised by Wild-touch Expeditions and sponsored by Blancpain. In the advent of the Gombessa I expeditions that discovered the secrets of the coelacanth, christened, the greatest zoological discovery of the 20th Century, the second expedition documented the spectacular spawning of the Camouflage Grouper, with Laurent Ballesta and Blancpain achieving a first in terms of exploration, with underwater diving and photography. Scientific divers were able to access uncharted ice flows in Adélie Land.

Throughout the documentary film, the underlining message is the fragility of our world in the wake of unchecked global warming levels. Laurent Ballesta discussing the experience states that “for me, it was the toughest project undertaken to date. Today however, we are delighted with the result. The project would never have reached these proportions without Blancpain’s support.” The documentary due to premiere in Arte on Jan. 28, with additional screenings on Jan. 29 and March 10, is another example of nature inspiring even some of the creative minds in the world.


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