The Yanqi Lake Kempinski Hotel Beijing Unveils this Month

Kempinski’s Luxurious European flair combines local Chinese traditions.

Beijing’s first large-scale five-star luxury resort will be unveiled this month when the Yanqi Lake Kempinski Hotel Beijing opens its doors. Located in a natural setting along the shoreline of the scenic Yanqi Lake, Kempinski’s largest hotel in China will boast nearly 600 rooms, 14 restaurants, an 18-hole golf course and its very own lake shore bathing area.

Kempinski Guest-Bedroom

General Manager Brice Péan View: 

Yanqi Lake Kempinski Hotel, Beijing’s most iconic building, is designed by Chief Designer Zhang Haiao and his team from Shanghai Huadu Architect Design Company. The idea was to provide people from outside of China with a distinct opinion of modern contemporary Chinese architecture. The design also enables us to broaden our ideas on how we can showcase the Chinese culture to the world.

The Designs 

The design of the hotel is that of the rising sun, symbolic of the fast-developing economy of China. The entrance of the hotel is shaped like the mouth of a fish, symbolizing prosperity. And then when you look at the building from a side view, the hotel is shaped like a scallop, which represents “fortune” in Chinese culture. Other Chinese cultural elements are also used in the design details; for example, the side of the building embraces the concept of traditional Chinese panes.

The Theme 

It has the glamor of European luxury combined with uniqueness of Chinese culture. Our interior was designed by world-renowned designer company DiLeonardo, who created elements of intrigue within the overall interior design by experimenting with the blending of solids and voids. In empty spaces, geometric forms and design features were merged into the interior to fill the voids, which makes the overall ambience and visual aspects of the hotel truly distinct.

[Yanqi Lake Kempinski Hotel]



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