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By definition, White is not really a colour. Despite this character trait, every fashion lover is conscious that white has more symbolic meaning than its definition.
In my opinion, white represents the perfect balance in life. White has the ability to be pure, classy, simple and sophisticated at the same time. Furthermore, it blends perfectly with any colours and has the ability to never bore the people who wear it.

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As you can see in the picture above white is the new credo of fashion and is the right way to represent a pure image. All of us have a colour that we admire, love, and that makes us feel better. For me, this colour has always been white. Just to give you an example, since a very young age, I was a big fan of horses. I’ve been riding for many years now and I will always remember the first jumping competition in which I wore a brand new white outfit at the time. It gave me a boost in concentration, humility, and feminism, and for the first time in my life, I felt like a woman and not like a child anymore.

Chanel SS15 White Bag - Legatto Lifestyle
Chanel Bag – Part of the Spring 2015 Collection

But let’s move on to the fashion industry, which makes the white tendency even more interesting. At this time, I’ve realized that my entire wardrobe is completely black and white. Black is my favorite winter colour and white is my summer predilection. But the most interesting aspect of this is the lovely combination of the two colours all year long. Look at how Coco Chanel created her own brand identity, Chanel, primarily with these two timeless colours. As a result, it penetrated into the market as one of the most powerful fashion brands in the world, betting on the typical French chic.

Dior SS16 Campaign (White)
Dior SS16 Campaign

White is not just a symbol; it has become an identity and the touch needed to all your wardrobes!

Few positive things about white:

  • Reflects all the wavelengths of light rather than absorb them
  • Develops compassion, openness to others and faith
  • Is the symbol of fidelity (in reference to the bride’s dress)
  • Gives calming effect on your emotions
  • Can have different declination of shades: off-white, cream white, snow white or ivory white


And you? What’s you opinion about the immaculate white colour? Will white make it into your colour selection for this summer?

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