Wacaco Minipresso’s Portable Hand-Powered Espresso On The Go

Up until now espresso has been something that you could blend and enjoy at home or the string of cafe at every street corner in many cities , but then Hong Kong-based Wacaco decide on a game changer that will  potential change the way we enjoy coffee on the go. coffee_beans


Unlike all the other portable espresso units the Minipresso is hand-powered and non-electric maker  that operates on a  semi-automatic piston without the need for nitrous oxide cartridges is turning heads among outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. All it takes is a few pushes of the piston and a shot of espresso travels from the tips of your fingers to the palm of your hand, and your daily espresso is ready to be served. With a 6.95 inch tall, hand-operated body, users can control the quantity of extracted coffee. a few pumps on the semi-automatic piston and they can concoct smooth espresso full of flavor.


Along with these qualities, it weighs less than a pound, making it highly convenient for travel in places where espresso and possibly even electricity is hard to come by. Its tank holds 2.35oz of water and it comes with a built-in cup that screws on and off for convenient storage and use.once perfected, a built-in cup takes away the need for a mug. ‘minipresso’ is available with adapters for coffee grounds or caffitaly capsules. So whether you plan to go on hiking adventures, camping getaways or boating trips or simply staying in a hotel, Minipresso compactness makes it the ideal espresso machine to slide into your bag, backpack.

Espresso On The Go – When Ever, Where Ever

Pre-Order Now

Delivery is expected in early 2015 and the item will retail for US$49 once the pre-order period is over  but it is currently available for pre-order at a reduced price of $39 plus shipping fees, so grab yours at Wacao.


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