Bang & Olufsen Special Edition BeoLab 12 loudspeakers by Miya Ando

Bringing together their love for minimalistic aesthetics, Bang & Olufsen and American artist Miya Ando have teamed up to create ‘Transformations, Bang & Olufsen by Miya Ando’– a limited edition collection of Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLab 12 loudspeakers.  Inspired by metal and gradation of colors, Ando’s collection of Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLab 12 speakers include twenty paintings on an aluminium canvas, each matching a set of speakers.

For artist Ando who was brought up in Japan and raised among sword smiths and Buddhist priests in a temple in Okayama, Japan and in a redwood forest in Northern California working with metal canvas was a natural process. “The surface of metal changes and transforms constantly like light. It is very similar to what happens in music – like art music has the power of transformation and transcendence. Applying my art work and focus on graduation and transformations of colors to an aluminium loudspeaker is a perfect match for me,” she said.
Ando uses her signature hand-brushed, “industrial watercolor” technique on anodized aluminium while Bang & Olufsen employs ground-breaking, specialized and complex techniques to craft aluminium for the companies TV-sets, loudspeakers and music systems.


Working with aluminium has been a core competence of Bang & Olufsen for almost 50 years. Bang & Olufsen’s dedicated team of aluminium specialists has made it an aim to constantly challenge themselves towards innovation in this area by bringing in craftsmen or artists with a new and different approach to aluminium.
Apart from being an acoustically almost perfect material, aluminium, as a manufacturing material is flexible, durable and lightweight, as well as being environment-friendly and 100 per cent recyclable.

When creating Transformations, Bang & Olufsen by Miya Ando the focus has been on transition and graduation. This is also the case for the focal point of the collaboration – BeoLab 12, an all-digital loudspeaker developed for use with both audio and flat screen TV solutions and created to enhance the acoustic experience of home entertainment systems and to stand or hang on your wall like a work of art that can be admired time and time again.

Transformations, Bang & Olufsen by Miya Ando, was first unveiled in Copenhagen on September 3. The limited edition of the twenty BeoLab 12 speakers and the matching paintings on aluminium canvas are now available for sale from selected Bang & Olufsen stores worldwide. No word on the price since the speakers are auctioned through Bang & Olufsen dealers.

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Words By Shalu Pillai

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