St. Regis Dubai unveils its $20,420-a-night Imperial Suite

The $20,420-a-night Imperial Suite is the latest addition to the St. Regis Dubai and is actually larger than the hotel ballroom at 913-square-feet (85 square meters). To put it into perspective, that is around $7,000 more than the two-bedroom Royal Suite offered by the Burj Al Arab, which offers everything from butler service, a private beach, and 24-carat, gold-plated iPads.

St. Regis Dubai

The St. Regis Dubai is located in Al Habtoor City and has 234-rooms. The hotel is styled with French beaux-arts architecture and neo-classical interiors and opened last year. There’s even a one-bedroom Bentley suite for car aficionados upholstered in leather finishes, colors, patterns and wood veneers reminiscent of the Mulsanne, the brand’s flagship performance luxury car.

St. Regis Dubai - Imperial Suite

What sets the St. Regis Imperial Suite apart are two floors worth of elegant, stately furnishings linked together by an in-room spiral staircase. The staircase leads up to the central dome of the hotel where there is a rooftop plunge pool and majlis (which in Arabic means “a place of sitting”) that offer panoramic views of landscaped gardens. Along with three bedrooms, the suite also features a living room, 12-seater dining rooms, a study, and lounge area.

St. Regis Dubai - Imperial Suite - 2

On the technology side, the suite provides complimentary Wi-Fi (who doesn’t these days) and two HDTVs. There’s also a well and carefully stocked mini-bar and butler service. Ample dining for 12 people will be provided.


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