Modern designer Ibiza villa or Traditional finca style villa – What is better?

Ibiza is a destination that can offer luxury in abundance and whether you’re looking for sleek and chic modern villa, both rustic and contemporary modern styles of villa can adhere to luxury. Many properties see the two styles come together, with rustic features still preserved and displayed, amalgamated with modern luxury, technology and design. So if you can’t choose between the two styles, see what Dynamic Lives, one of the leading villa rental agencies in Ibiza, has to say about it.

Modern Ibiza Villa - interior

The foundation of contemporary designs and starting point for modern architects is simplicity. A modern luxury design expresses itself without the details that are a foundation to the decor of a rustic finca villa. Sparce designs with regards to furnishing are very popular when it comes to contemporary design – it’s certainly a case of ‘less is more’, accentuating the open spaces. If you like clean and sharp lines and finishes, maximum functionality when it comes to technology, and a chic kind of cleanliness achieved through neutral colours, (predominantly whites), then contemporary modern is the style for you. You’ll find some of the most glamorous and sophisticated contemporary modern properties across Ibiza.

Traditional Ibiza Finca villa - Interior

The rustic finca villas are arguably more ‘homely’ in the traditional sense with design elements such as beams, antique furniture and older stone and materials that is in-keeping with it’s time. Of course, ‘modern rustic’ villas are furnished with older pieces and encompass modern styles and finishes such as keeping the original materials and some of what could be described as ‘imperfections’ if compared to a modern villa. if you like to feel close to the nature, rustic finca villas are very much characterised by their affinity with the outdoors, surrounded by rich vegetation that appears less cultivated and maintained than the carefully arranged plants and greenery of a modern villa that is fundamentally more decorative and less ‘wild’.

Ibiza Finca

Rustic style finca villas are personified by their nooks and crannies, details and ornate embellishments. Staying in a finca villa, you’ll find it’s the neutral coloured original materials that give the property its character. The ‘modern rustic’ style villa incorporates features and details such as linen and neutral coloured rugs, and plenty of natural light, though this is also true of contemporary villas. The use of how both styles of villa use electric lighting is an interesting difference, rustic villas using slightly warmer lighting in general terms, whilst the contemporary style makes use of bolder and brighter lighting to reflect the whites and creams of the property, achieving the illusion of a larger and more airy space.

Ibiza Finca 1

Both styles of villa are highly functional and encapsulate the idea of ‘luxury’ in the material sense. Modern rustic villas are becoming more and more popular as people are attracted to a design that is built around one rustic feature, for example a design that incorporates linear and sparce design around an 18th century reclaimed beam – for many, this is modern, but without supplementing the character of a rustic style. Contrary to the popular belief, a contemporary modern property does not have to be unhomely and lacking in warmth, on the other side of the coin, a rustic property can embody the elements of modern luxury that are sought after, so it’s never been easier to find bespoke luxury on Ibiza, as rustic finca and contemporary styles come together.

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