JFK’s Gillette: The Best a Man Can Get.

At her limelight Jackie O. was the first lady to emulate in fashion and style, but all the attention this week has turned to her husband, John F. Kennedy.This is because going up for sale at the RR Auction is his trusted monogrammed shaving kit.

The 35th President of the USA was revered for his charming good looks and maybe the brass Gillette kit could explain this mystery.  The set comes with four brass implements with two identical round containers (one for powder and one to house a small brush), as well as a double-edge razor and a small rectangular container for replacement blades. The Gillette kit comes with its original royal purple, velvet-lined leather casing with John F. Kennedy imprinted on the exterior.

Own John F. Kennedy’s Gillette Traveller’s Shaving Kit

Privately owning a piece of history is phenomenon in it’s self, but this kit also a fascinating history fully detailed in a three page letter from a former US Air Force officer, which details the history of the kit and how it came to be in JFK’s possession. In a nutshell, it seems Kennedy owned the kit when his father, Joseph P. Kennedy, was an American ambassador to the UK and left it behind on one of his frequent visits. An embassy maintenance worker acquired it, whose daughter then sold it after her father’s death.

Bidding for the kit will kick-start from September 11 at RR Auction and is due to end in September 17, with a minimum bid  lodged at $1,500. A shaving kit very similar to this, also having been owned by John F. Kennedy was sold last year at a different auction house for $27,000, so conservative estimates for the piece have been put at over $20,000. Whether you love to collect historical collectables or are just looking to own an old-new shaving kit, this artefact should be top of your list. John F. Kennedy, the best a man can get.


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