Hermèsmatic Pop-up Laundry Concepts

The iconic French luxury brand, Hermès is launching a series of pop-up spaces, named Hermèsmatic, where customers can give their cherishedHermès scarves a new lease of life with a fresh dye.

The Hermèsmatic pop-up laundromat concepts are launching in Amsterdam, Kyoto, Munich and Strasbourg, featuring washing machines in the brand’s signature orange color. The process – which is free of charge for customers – takes 48 hours as the machine gives the scarves a blue or pink rinse, and a dryer restores them to their original softness.


Each Hermès pop-up will also feature a store selling scarves in signature patterns drawn from the house’s archives, such as Brides de Gala and Quadrige, and dip-dyed in nine different shades in the Hermès silk workshops in Lyon, southern France.

Amsterdam, Netherlands:  8th October – 16th October, 2016
Kyoto, Japan: 7th October – 16th October, 2016
Munich, Germany: 7th October – 22nd October, 2016
Strabourg, France: 7th October – 15th October, 2016

This initiative is the latest in a series of public events launched by Hermès, whom later this fall, will bring its traveling exhibition of craftsmanship home.

Members of the public will have the opportunity to meet artisans from 10 disciplines at the “Hermès hors les murs” event (previously known as the“Festival des Métiers” ), due to be held at the Carreau du Temple from November 18 to 26. The presentation, spread over 5,900 square feet, will delve into how Hermès produces bags, saddles, silk squares, ties, jewellery, watches and gloves, among others.


For event details on the Exhibition of Craftsmanship: Visit Carreau du Temple

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