Fragrance Love: Moonlight in Heaven Perfume by Kilian

The satellite that revolves around the earth and helps lost travellers navigate their way to safety at night has inspired the perfume brand Kilian to launch a fragrance called ‘Moonlight in Heaven’. The perfume is available at the Kilian store in Paris as well as the brand’s website.

Kilian - Moonlight in Heaven

With the help of perfumer Calice Becker, who has created perfumes for the brand before, the new fragrance brings one on a journey to the forbidden paradise. With a mix of ingredients such as lemon and grapefruit as well as a hint of pink pepper, rice milk, coconut and mango, this scent combines the exotic with romance.

Killian -Moonlight In Heaven

In traditional Kilian fashion, the bottle is an accessory in its own right. Taking to form of a black clutch, the case is decorated with an authentic pearl to remind us of the reflections of the moon. Within the clutch rests the bottle itself that holds the deep, dark blue perfume.

In addition to launching this new fragrance, Kilian is also unveiling a brand new bottle inspired by a cognac carafe, made in the time-honored glass-making tradition. The bottle is decorated with geometric details and topped with a glass and metal stopper.

“Moonlight in Heaven” will be sold exclusively at the Kilian store in Paris and the brand’s website at €110 per 50ml refill, €225 per refillable 50ml bottle in a box, and €440 per 250ml mini-carafe bottle.

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