Embraer’s Kyoto Airship Project: A window into the future

Imagine you have just checked into a room at the JW Marriott Marquis. You walk into the blissful ambience – the glorious lights and luxurious atmosphere bid you welcome. It’s late and so you’re tired and you must rest your head. You listen to your body and you go to sleep. You expect that you will wake up the next morning to the sunlight and beautiful view of the Arabian megacity, and that is exactly what happens. You’re high up in Dubai, in the tallest hotel in the world, surrounded by ceiling-high windows, looking out into the city and feasting your eyes on the celestial palace that the city is becoming.


All of this is good for the soul, but sadly the same could not be said for the folks who travel the great expanse of the earth in private planes, until now. It can be painful thinking about all the earth’s beauty that you miss out on when you’re so high in the air but stuck with having to look out of the plane through tiny windows. No matter how much you see, there’s still so much more you can’t take it. And Embraer (www.embraerexecutivejets.com) is changing that with the Kyoto Airship project.


The Brazilian airplane manufacturer is looking to change the way private flyers see the world. In its $53 million Lineage 1000 business jets, Embraer has created a line of private jets that will include expansive windows that arc 180 degrees around the fuselage. The Kyoto Airship is inspired by a “hypothetical Japanese businessman who would prefer sitting in seiza” rather than in a traditional seat.


This airship is a result of a collaboration between Jay Beever, Embraer’s vice president of interior designs, superyacht designer Patrick Knowles, and Boat International. The plane will include a two-person shower, a master bedroom with a queen bed, a lounge area with white leather sofas and luxury wool carpets, widescreen TVs and Blu-ray players, WIFi connection, and a kitchen.

The Lineage 1000 will go for $53 million and if you’re quick enough, you might just be the first person to own one.

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