Rimowa F13 – a legend grows new wings

Two icons of German engineering, The Junkers F13 and the Rimowa suitcase have recently been married for an exciting new commercial venture.

On June 25, 1919, a small, six-seater passenger aircraft took off for the first time. It was a plane which was to revolutionize aircraft construction and form the foundation of modern air travel.

The F13 was used in almost all countries around the world that operated commercial aviation, and it quickly helped the Junkers aircraft construction company achieve international acclaim. In 1925, the F13 had a share of around 40 percent in the international traffic route network.

“For me it was the mother of all commercial aircraft,” said Dieter Morszeck, President and CEO of Rimowa, at the presentation of the new Junkers F13 recreation.  For years, Dieter Morszeck dreamt of using his family’s Duralumin suitcase company to one day revive Hugo Junkers’ pioneering aircraft.

Rimowa x Junkers F13 (Exterior)

Rimowa’s F13 recreation was built from the same blueprints as the original, though certain aspects such as the chassis were upgraded to comply with modern safety regulations. With space for four passengers, the plane is powered by a Pratt & Whitney radial Mini Wasp engine, developing 450HP and capable of over 200km/h. Inside, the interior is lined in beautiful quilted leather, exposed to the elements thanks to the open cockpit. You’ll be able to order a Rimowa F13 from May, priced at around 2.2m euros.

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