Dassault Aviation Unveils Falcon 5X

Dassault Aviation yesterday unveiled the Falcon 5X, an all-new twinjet with the largest cross section and the most advanced fly-by-wire flight control system in business aviation.

Dassult Aviation whipped up a storm at the unveiling of the Falcon 5X in the aviation industry. Equipped with an-all new twinjet and a highly advanced fly-by-wire flight control system it is no wonder Eric Trappier, Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation suggested, “With the Falcon 5X, Dassault has expanded the limits of what is possible in a business jet.

Built to carry eight passengers, the Falcon 5X will have a range of 5,200 nm at M.80 and as Eric Trappier illustrates “this new aircraft will offer an incredibly spacious and comfortable cabin with handling qualities and airport performance unmatched by any other large business jet.” Moreso, powered by a brand-new, innovatitve  11,450-lb thrust Snecma Silvercrest engines, it is designed to maintain, adds Trappier, “the traditional hallmarks of high performance, industry leading efficiency and robust design that have come to define the Dassault Falcon brand over the past 50 years.” It seems the combination of sophisticated aerodynamics and ultra-efficient engines will permit the Falcon 5X to be as much as 50% more fuel efficient than competitors’ aircraftwith corresponding savings in operating economy.

The ShowStopper

Expected to approach speeds of about 105 ktsit offers unprecedented degree of flexibility to pilots. Likewise, it also features the newest generation of Dassault’s award winning EASy flight deck. The interior is more like an expansion of a luxury estate sky high, and this is simply based on the design teams extensive work to bring luxury to the skys. “When designing the Falcon 5X, we interacted extensively with our customers to determine their cabin needs,” said Eric Trappier. He notes that  the “industry has moved in a direction of wider cabins which, of course, has allowed Dassault to offer industry leading functionality, space and comfort in the Falcon 5X. One of the measures of an international business jet is how the passenger feels upon arrival. There is simply more space, which will create a better sense of well-being for the passengers.”

Priced at about $45 million in 2013 dollars, the Falcon 5’s first flight is scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2015 and the excitement is already heating up.

Dassualt Aviation Falcon 5X


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