Chanel J12 Collection – A 21st Century Watch-making Icon

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Inspired by the nautical world and born at the very beginning of the millennium, the dawn of a new era, the J12 has without a doubt become a watchmaking icon of the 21st century. Way ahead of its time, the J12 was the first watch to transform high-tech ceramic into a precious material.

From its design inception to the final intricate assembly, the CHANEL teams draw, design, fashion, cut, mold, polish, assemble adjust and regulate all watch components, including various mechanical components in the famous J12 high-tech ceramic cases


In combining the unassailable robustness of this highly scratch-resistant material with the timeless elegance of CHANEL, the J12 has shattered the traditional rules of contemporary watchmaking. Black in 2000, then white in 2003… the J12 watch combines day and night, masculine and feminine, strength and elegance, mystery and clarity: a true mechanical talisman.

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