BMW’s Sci-Fi Business Class Seat

During the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014 in Hamburg Thales, world leader in In-flight Entertainment & Connectivity unveiled its innovative Immersive Business Class Seat.

The seat, developed in conjunction with BE Aerospace and design partners BMW Design Works, is a finalist for the Premium Class & VIP category at the 2014 Crystal Cabin Awards. An ultra-luxurious seat, it spells out the future of flying business class. Digitally enhanced, the concept seat includes Thales SmartPIMs allows passengers to interface their portable electronic devices with the IFE system, and Smart Device Ignition Wireless Charging. The seat will know you by your connected PDA as the computerized system connects to your social media profiles and identifies your preferences like your favorite movies, what position you like to relax in, a four-zone massage system, food preference.

This year’s entry is a breakthrough incorporates into an aesthetically pleasing industrial design, visionary IFE concepts and viable products, blending the physical and virtual user interfaces into a seamless passenger experience. The chair also comes with a surround system and visual control system that will let you select movies by looking at on your screen. If you look away to speak to the flight attendant, the player pauses and plays back or if you sleep it will automatically pause it until you wake up.

This evolution presents advanced technology innovations like touch-pad controls integrated in the seat, Ultra-High Definition (UHD) main display screen, Passenger Control Display, Eye Tracking and Interactive Virtual Landscape Panel, widely regarded as some of the most advanced in the world. The vision-recognition technology can even run a health check by just analysing your face and maybe recommend a medication or glass of water.

The business class seat will undergo testing and Thales expects to roll out the chair within five years to the flying guests for a Sci-Fi travel experience.

Key Points:

  • The Immersive Business Class Seat blends present and future technologies into physical and virtual user interfaces for a seamless passenger experience.
  • The seat makes Thales a finalist at the Crystal Cabin Awards 2014 for the fourth year running
  • Headlining technology innovations regarded as the most advanced in the market are integrated with already deployed technologies such as the Thales SmartPIMs

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