The World According to Karl

Ever wondered how the world might look from another eye? Do you see what I see? Can you see something I don’t?

Would you jump at the next chance someone gives you to experience a whole new perspective? The World According to Karl is that adrenaline assorted with the perfect pinch of barbs and quips that you will need on a sloppy weekday. Or any day, as a matter of fact.

The World According To Karl Largerfeld
Karl on Books

Be prepared to be punched with wit and wisdom in every page, bounce from startling statements to pop up reactions that will leave you spell-bound. A repertoire of Fashion’s finest advice, sharpest retorts and sometimes-unpredictable multilingual humour, this is the getaway we all needed from the wickedest curves of our wearisome life.

Crafted with the assemblage of this celebrated éminence grise of the fashion industry, ‘The World According To Karl’ is a cornucopia of a rich personality muddled in a complex portrait of provocative and notorious ingenuity. From revealing that he helped Adele lose weight to wanting to marry his cat Choupette, this is your best shot at a sneak peak into what goes on in that prodigious mind. He is definitely one of the most quirkily quotable men who can effortlessly charm their way in love.

Created with the full approval of Karl Lagerfeld, ‘The World According to Karl is piece of work by Jean- Christophe Napias and Sandrine Gulbenkian with an overwhelming foreword by Patrick Mauriés and magnificent illustrations by Charles Ameline.

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