Versace Stars Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss in “Chicago is My Beat”

As part of its Fall/Winter 2016 campaign, Versace featured world-famous supermodels, Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss in its very exciting, very upbeat “Chicago is My Beat” campaign video.

In this really short film, Gigi and Karli are two mothers who stroll along the streets with their tots, with a very appealing backdrop provided by the city of Chicago. They are hanging out with a group of young squad dancers and both supermodels are dressed in several designer pieces, along with the youth dance groups we can see in the video.

Versace Campaign - Gigi Hadid & Karlie Kloss-

The video was shot by Bruce Weber, a very talented American photographer and filmmaker, who also shot the still images that were released for the campaign earlier in the month. The music is a beautiful piece by Opera singer, Keith Milkie.

Although several controversies arose when the stills for the campaign were released earlier, the luxury brand still went ahead with it, saying that their aim was to depict the modern family and what it represents. The controversies surrounding the ad were that some people thought models who are actually mothers should have been given the roles, and some were debating on why the luxury brand decided to use interracial couples.

The short film was impressively visual and filled with excitement that seemed to flow from the characters straight to the viewer.

Versace Spring 2017 Men’s show in Milan

Jennifer Okafor

Staff Writer