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In the western Pacific Ocean of South-East Asia are the Philippines, a group of more than 7,000 islands that together combine to make the world’s second largest archipelago. With lengthy golden coastlines and sparkling waters offering a myriad of water sports delights and stunning views, The Philippines are a luxury yacht charter paradise. Yet despite having so many beautiful islands, surprisingly few yachts actually operate in the Philippines.

 Aldabra - Luxury Yacht
Indeed there are some challenges to chartering luxury yachts in the Philippines, principally the lack of captains and guides with local knowledge. However an experienced yacht charter company such as Fraser Yachts can help you overcome these obstacles and pave the way to pristine beaches, volcanic landscapes, exotic wildlife and warm and welcoming people. With so few other yachts chartered in this unique destination, you can hope to enjoy your own personal share of paradise.
There is little doubt that the best way to visit the Philippines is on a South East Asia yacht charter, allowing you to visit the destinations you want in the most practical and fulfilling way. This is a particularly important feature of a luxury yachting holiday in the context of the Philippines, where many of the islands are only accessible by boat.
As a consequence of Spanish colonisation, during a rule that spanned more than 350 years, a vibrant mix of Asian and European cultures provide an exciting backdrop to all of the major metropolises. Exuberant fiestas light up the towns in the midst of unique Spanish-Filipino architecture. Visit the capital, Manila, for an unforgettable experience of this original cultural mixture, where a lively atmosphere is guaranteed, encompassing everything from gourmet dining to towering ancient temples. A handful of smaller towns such as Quiapo, Ermita and Binondo are also worth a visit for those interested in a voyage of cultural discovery. Colourful market stalls rub shoulders with lively bars that remain active late into the night.
 Borcay - Philippines
The Philippines also offer plenty of rural attractions for sightseers. The Luzon Island is renowned for its rising peaks and black volcanic terrain, while the rice terraces of Banaue, often considered the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’, are green and flat. Elsewhere Baguio is known by locals as the ‘summer capital’ and presents an idyllic destination for those intent on chasing the sun. Yet despite a rainy season that stretches from May to October, most of the Philippines bathes in warm sunshine throughout the year, particularly during the Northern Hemisphere’s winter months.


The main port towns Puerto Galera, Boracay, Coron, Puerto Princesa, and Cebu and popular island destinations such as Palawan guarantee white sandy beaches, turquoise waters excellent weather and unrivalled diving and snorkelling conditions. In other words, a fantastic winter alternative for a luxury holiday getaway. So whether you’re searching for a relaxing beachside vacation, a cultured exploration of the Pacific isles or a chic vacation of pampering and fine, exotic cuisine, it can be found in the Philippines.

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Yacht Images by Fraser Yachts

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