The Avettore – Aereo Limited Edition Ping Pong Table is a Touch of Class

Stealing the show with its outlandish intricacy and unique design, The Avettore – Aereo Limited Edition (POA) will be the highlight of any setting it graces. This special edition ping pong table will certainly arouse some curiosity to even the least discerning eye before you demonstrate you still go it, both in taste and in the game. The fluidly and aerodynamic nature of the lucite creates a movement to this piece of art, while the leather accents reinforce stability and ground the model as a centrepiece in any setting. This visual juxtaposition is the ultimate contemporary showpiece for your home. The Avettore Table is also available in solid wood with your choice of species and colour accents. A touch of class can be seen from the minute details of the designs with hidden drawers that perfectly hold your paddles and balls, making it both aesthetically appealing and fun.

Elaborating on the designs of the 11 Ravens Avettore table-tennis table Bernard Semerdjian adds that, “the curve of the legs looks like the wings of a jet aeroplane. It looks like it’s going fast just sitting there.” Semerdjian, the brainchild of the 11 Ravens creative and stylish games table has been with the company for from the company’s inception 5 years ago in Los Angeles, when asked about the idea behind the designs, said that co-workers “play [table games] every day, which made us think, what if we inject some art into this and bring it to the next level?” And with a touch of class, they brought art and beauty into a game which requires flair, precision and perfect finishing.


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