The new Goyard boutique in Seoul

A Goyard boutique is much more than just a simple leather goods store.

The new Goyard boutique in Seoul – the second one in the South-Korean capital city- is intended to reflect this typically Goyard ethos. Located on the first floor of the newly renovated upscale Hyundai COEX department store, it offers an ideal getaway from the hectic pace of Gangnam -Korea’s most affluent urban district- with its interior décor consisting of precious wood panels, graceful display cabinets and rare vintage trunks, and creating the same sense of warmth and intimacy, and the same ambiance of hushed sophistication, as in our historic flagship store on rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. 

Of course, like in any “ordinary” Goyard boutique,  a large choice of Goyard creations are available, and the courteous and personalized service provided by our sales ambassadors. But we like to think of it as not simply a retail space, but rather a privileged place for sharing and exchanging views about values that are close to our heart, such as the authenticity and uniqueness of our know-how, patiently accumulated by generations of fine craftsmen ever since the inception of the Maison in 1853; Goyard’s constant strive for excellence and perfection, and its complete disregard for seasonal trends and ephemeral it-bags, is fascinating indeed as its contemporary staple accessories, bags, suitcases and trunks are all inspired by timeless designs from the Goyard archives. In other words, this amazing brand prides itselfs in its exclusivity that combines tradition and modernity, uncompromising refinement and understated elegance.


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