Legatto Insider: 5 Hotels With a Unique Experience

Even travelling around the world can begin to get boring after a while, especially if you stay in the same hotel chain at every stop. When you have the resources at your disposal, instead book a stay at one of these unique, exclusive hotels, which will provide you with a truly unforgettable experience.

 [divider]Solent Forts [/divider]

If you would like to stay close to a familiar area, book a stay at one of the historic fortresses at Solent Forts, located outside of Portsmouth, United Kingdom. Two of these unusual sea forts, Spitbank Fort and No Man’s Land Fort, have been turned into luxurious venues. The isolated fortresses offer you privacy and the chance to immerse yourself in local history. You have access to a helipad, spa, restaurants, bars, wine tastings, and the choice of 31 spectacular rooms.

Check it out at Solent Forts

[divider]The Manta Resort[/divider]

For something a bit more exotic, head to Pemba Island, Tanzania, to stay at the Manta Resort. This underwater hotel is known for its romantic atmosphere. Your room will have three levels, with a bathroom and lounge area at sea level, another lounging area on the roof level that is perfect for stargazing, and the feature that makes this hotel unforgettable: the underwater level. In the lower level, which houses the bedroom, the glass walls provide you almost complete 360-degree views, so you can drift off while taking in the remarkable scenery.

The-Manta-Resort-Underwater-Hotel-Room-Zanzibar-Africa-©Jesper-Anhede-overview Background-excursions manta6

Check it out at The Manta Resort 

[divider]Poseidon Undersea Resort[/divider]

If you can’t book the Manta Resort for the dates you want due to its small size, you can get a similar but still unique experience at the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji. The first of its kind, this permanent pressurized undersea structure includes 270-degree windows covering the ceilings and walls in the 22 guestrooms. In addition to the breathtaking views, you have access to a plethora of modern amenities, including a private bungalow you can only approach via submarine and a whole fleet of those vehicles that allow you to explore the reef nearby.

Check it out at Poseidon Undersea Resort

[divider]Oberoi Vanyavilas[/divider]

Those who prefer their luxury vacations to include jungle as opposed to open water should head to Ranthambhore, India, and stay at the Oberoi Vanyavilas, a high-end jungle resort. Here you will find private walled gardens, butler service, elaborate tents, and easy access to a tiger preserve. This is the ideal spot if you are looking for a safari experience but still want to be treated like royalty.

Check it out at Oberoi Vanyavilas

[divider]Storfjord Hotel[/divider]

A final unique hotel to consider is the Storfjord Hotel in Skodje, Norway, located in the Sunnmore Alps above Ovre Glomset, a village that connects the UNESCO Heritage sites of Hjorundjord and Geirangerfjord. Its traditional setting is ideal for romantic getaways, offering spacious bedrooms and gorgeous views. The hotel also features a gourmet restaurant and 6 acres of private land situated among thousands of acres that include a private forest by a lake and three mountains. You can easily get there from the airport but still travel to Aalesund, an art nouveau town nearby.storfjord-hotel-bredde

Check it out at Storfjord Hotel


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