Emirates offers Google ‘Street View’ of A380 aircraft

Gulf carrier Emirates today said it has partnered with global search engine Google to launch the world’s first ‘Street View’ of the double decker A380, the world’s largest commercial jet aircraft. ‘Street View’ is a technology featured in Google apps and Google Earth that provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world.

“Users can explore online the Emirates A380’s luxurious first class private suites, expansive business class cabin, on-board lounges, shower spas, cockpit and more on ‘Street View’ now,” an Emirates press release said here.

The partnership with Google also marks the five-year of operations of Emirates’ A380 fleet, it said. The Gulf-based airline is the world’s largest operator of A380 with 35 aircraft in its fleet, besides 55 of these planes on order.

The airline’s A380 aircraft flies to 21 destinations, including London, Rome, Moscow, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Auckland.

Ready for your virtual tour of an Emirates’ Airbus A380?
Click this link to Google Maps and then click on the image of the interior of the plane, at the left of the screen


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