Caraters Releases World’s First Premium Mobile App for Diamonds

Founded in 2006 by Syddall Diamonds, Caraters is the world’s first brand specialising in exquisite hand-crafted ready to wear diamonds matching pairs with an array of designs ranging from classical splendour to minimalistic marvel.

Finding perfectly matching diamond pairs are always difficult to find, however, with this bespoke service its simply quite easy. Unique to  Caraters are its signature Trilliant-cut diamonds – rare, modified diamonds with rounded edges and 74 facets. Caraters is currently the only online company in the world to sell matching Trilliant pairs. Prices range from S$399 for Classy range, to over S$2000 in the Premium or Superior range. All purchases are bequeathed with a Caraters certificate of authenticity, giving the customer a record of the transaction. In addition, a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Certificate of Authenticity will be included for all diamonds in the Superior range.

Gone are the times where you have to worry about a missed opportunity or being sold fake replicates. Caraters mobile app will provide shoppers with information by calculating the indicative price of diamonds, and enabling customers to purchase Caraters matching-pair diamonds immediately. The stock-based app guarantees the price of diamonds by offering a buy-back scheme. Caraters’ wide range of diamonds is available in different colors, shapes, clarity, and carats is thanks to its partnership with the ELS Diamond Group, the world’s largest diamond company. The ELS Diamond Group backs Caraters with €20 million worth of diamonds.

“Exceptionally Crafted & Exclusively Yours”

“With our roots firmly planted in the diamond industry, Caraters is a newcomer with plans to make waves. We recognize that there are untapped areas in the market, and our knowledge of these areas gives Caraters exactly what we need to be a game changer in the field. By specialising in high quality matching pair diamonds, and launching a brand new mobile app to provide customers with knowledge they previously did not have access to, we are changing the way consumers look at and shop for diamonds.”

 James Syddall (Founder & Owner of Caraters)


UE Square shopping mall 81 Clemenceau Ave
Singapore 239918
Tel: +65 62354544

Opening Hours

11am to 7pm
Monday to Saturday


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