Boucheron Presents Sensational Rêves d’Ailleurs Collection at the 2014 Biennale Des Antiquaires

During the latest Biennale des Antiquaires held in Paris, Boucheron presented its Rêves d’Ailleurs (Dreams of Elsewhere) collection that took guests and jewelry enthusiasts through the history of the renowned French jewelry Maison.

In this collection, Boucheron gave us a glimpse of the extraordinary by unveiling a sketch of one of the high jewellery pieces presented at the Grand Palais. The collection represents a journey to faraway shores and exotic locales,  filled with beauty, emotion and poetry – blurring the travellers mind between reality and imagination. Those privileged enough to catch a glimpse of these beautiful pieces, would attest the same fate. Travel has always been at the heart of the Maison. As a family, the Boucherons were highly cosmopolitan and extremely curious about their surroundings.

“You will always feel at home at Boucheron,
even if home is a thousand miles away”
Louis Boucheron”


It is to this spirit that the collection pays tribute to, as well as to the exceptional stones that made Boucheron famous. These precious stones have been reinvented, rediscovered and reworked. The collection is a representation of stories and memories of faraway lands and journeys travelled by the Boucheron family who have never ceased throughout the generations to bring back to Paris things which amazed them from elsewhere.


The Rêves d’Ailleurs collection consists of five chapters  that illustrate a voyage into the wondrous wolrd of Boucheron jewels – from the Trésor de Perse (Treasure of Persia) a dazzling sun-drenched colour of Persia; to the warm hypnotic waters of the Sea of Japan, Rives du Japon (Sea of Japan) then north to the Splendours de Russie (Splendors of Russia) a frozen crystal purity of Russia; before heading to the lush gardens and sparkling fountains of India, the Fleurs des Indes (Flowers of India) and finally reaching the erudite artistic lands of china, the Pinceau de Chine (Chinese Ink Brush). Inspired by ephemeral dreamlands far away, each piece promises to be a showstopper. An invitation to the far confines of the mysterious Orient, a world of dreams transported into the jewel.


‘This year with Rêve d’Ailleurs, we are delighted to invite our friends and clients to discover the distant horizons which inspired the Maison, and to pay tribute to the family of talented visionaries that the Boucherons were. Each chapter is proving to be a window, both on these fascinating faraway travels and of Boucheron’s own unique history and savoir-faire.”

 President and Chief Executive Officer of Boucheron, Pierre Bouissou.

…To Create Is To Remember…


The Trésor de Perse set pays tribute to the link between Paris and Isfahan. It celebrates the Persian dream and the tie between the Maison at 26, place Vendôme and the Iranian Imperial family with its crown jewels.


This ode to the archipelago’s myriad islands and marine world is also a tribute to the artistic and spiritual greatness of the Japanese painters and poets. For centuries, they have been masters of the capture of beauty’s fleeting essence with their breath-taking creations. This collection is also a reference to the fascinating underwater world and the Ama women, the traditional free divers, who explore it.


Fleur des Indes is an ode to the legendary world of maharajahs and fabulous emeralds. This collection is a reference to the mythical white water lily, a symbol of purity and self-fulfilment. It also pays homage to the relationships that the Maison nurtured with some of its Indian clients and their amazing jewelry orders…



The Pinceau de Chine collection is inspired by an art that has been at the heart of Chinese civilization for thousands of years: calligraphy, or the art of writing well. Deceptively simple at first glance, calligraphy requires expertise and meditation before being able to produce work that is mature and sensitive. After years of experience and savoir-faire, the “Hands of Light” have applied their talent to a new challenge – how to create beauty with a single stroke of the jeweler’s brush, as if by magic…


With this collection, the Maison evokes the majesty of Russia’s sparkling frozen plains and the crystal pure grace of jeweled snowflakes. The jewelry sets, in all their regal beauty and lightness, have been inspired by the Maison’s pieces, since 1858, for the illustrious figures of the Empire.


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